It is a great privilege and honor to establish this preeminent Neuro Hospital.

It is our goal to elevate this hospital to be the leader in both delivery and development of care. In achieving these goals, we are fortunate to work with a group of immensely talented, dedicated and colleagues in an extraordinary medical center. Our mission will be to deliver the best possible care.

We must always remember the fundamental reason as to why we work in a leading Neuro hospital. Not only is the patient at the top of our priority list, but we must also make a commitment to advance and improve the manner in which their care is delivered. Ingenuity, persistence, and innovation are traits that are woven into the fabric of this institution. These same qualities and the ability to leverage the strengths of the hospital uniquely position us to change and improve the way we diagnose and treat neurologic diseases.

Our goal is to provide to each patient the very best that modern medicine has to offer. With an unparalleled technical spectrum of abilities, we shall tailor treatment to individual patient needs, always seeking to do our utmost.

Master clinician surrounded by a group of talented and most caring health care providers are the keys to quality health care. Given the limited regenerative abilities of the brain and spinal cord following injury, our goal is to use therapies that both reduce the impact of initial damaging events, as well as to enhance endogenous abilities for neurologic recovery.

Here at Nepalgunj Neuro Hospital we aim to provide the best treatment and hospitality to our patients with the very best consultation and guidance which is foremost for our patient.